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Strawberry pie that’s easy, pretty and delicious! This vegan strawberry galette is made with a no-fail oil pastry slathered with a homemade hazelnut chocolate spread and vine ripened strawberries. Top this rustic pie with vegan ice cream while it’s still warm from the oven for an easy vegan dessert!

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These indulgent vegan chocolate raspberry tarts are easy to make even if you are not too sure about making pastry. There’s no rolling required, and the decadent no-cook chocolate mousse is made in the blender. Use a raspberry preserve (not jam) for a fresh, not too sweet compliment to the chocolate, and then top them …

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Strawberry and hibiscus go together as swimmingly as strawberry and rhubarb. The same marriage of sweetness and tartness is what makes it so perfect. A vegan strawberry hibiscus curd is tucked into a melt-in-your-mouth pistachio shortbread crust and is finished with fresh strawberries. No pastry rolling or complex steps involved!

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Apparently butter tarts are a Canadian thing? If you aren’t familiar with them, they are traditionally little tarts with a pastry crust, filled mainly with eggs, brown sugar and raisins. Once baked, the filling is like a caramel custard. The same thing can be achieved without animal products! How awesome is that?

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